Plants & Herbs that Create Natural Pest Control

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You can have it all..... A beautiful garden that helps control pests too!

Here's a list of Plants and Herbs and what they help out with:
Lavender: ants, mosquitles, moths, silverfish, fleas, ticks, mice & rabbits
Rosemary: moths, beetles, mosquitles, snails
Rue: mosquitles, flies, fleas, cats
Sage: mice, numerous insects, moths
Tansy: aphids, ants, moths, fruit flies
Thyme: mosquito larve, flies, cabbage worm
Marigolds: slugs, whiteflies, aphids, flies
Nasturtiums: aphids
Chamomile: fleas
Calendula: whiteflies (tomatoes)
Borage: tomato hornworms
Basil: mosquitles, flies
Onion: Mice
Radish: Cucumber beetles
Mint: aphids, ants
Garlic: Flea beetles
Geranium: Leafhoppers

This is just to name a few. So plant plenty and away the pests will go!

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