Embracing my inner tomboy

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I drove through a giant mud puddle on an ATV a couple of weeks ago. When I was finished I circled around and drove through it again!

This is about something new I tried that is out of my comfort zone. After a lifetime of being known as a girly-girl I have been embracing my inner tomboy recently.

Our family went to Whistler, Canada this summer. We took walks along lush trails, did sightseeing, rented bikes, took pictures of black bears, ate nice dinners out and played games together in our condo.

But with our youngest family member being nine years old now, we realized we could finally pick something challenging to do as a family-unit. We decided to rent all terrain vehicles and learn how to navigate them up and down the mountain roads!

We had a guide. Andrew, who unlike us, knew what he was doing. He taught us how to start the ATV, how to hit the brakes and how to keep from spinning out on a narrow mountain trail.

Our son is 16-years old and was able to drive his own ATV. Our oldest daughter, who is NOT into the idea of embracing her inner tomboy, was nervous until she was offered a ride on the back of the ATV with adventurous Andrew. Our baby of the family, Katie Rose, rode with my husband.

One of my favorite pictures from our day is one of Katie Rose decked out in her enormous boots and raincoat wearing her giant goggles. One of her boots actually slid off when we all got to racing up the mountain. Andrew had to be REALLY adventurous and backtrack down the mountain to find it.

We bumped along rocky roads and saw the most beautiful mountain scenery you can imagine. We were able to get high on the mountain to see views and trees and flowers that were different than you see around lower parts of Whistler. We came back safe, sound and filthy dirty.

In 2010, the mountains in Whistler will host Olympic athletes who will navigate the trails with skis. But for one glorious day in August, those mountain trails hosted my children, husband and me on ATV’s for a family outing we will never forget

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