A sneak peek at 3TV's new shows

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As if getting used to a new schedule (alarm clock: bbbbrrrrrrzzzzz- it is 3:15am!) this week wouldn't keep me busy enough, we decided to head to L.A. for two days of special shoots. But no complaints here, there's nothing like a change of pace.

Photographer Jim Cox (That's him with Megan Mullally.) and I hopped on a plane early Tuesday morning, and from LAX we headed to Cuver Studios in Culver City, Calif.

We spent the day checking out the ins and outs of a new daytime talk show, "The Greg Behrendt Show". You might know Greg -- he is the author of two best-selling advice books, "He's Just Not That Into You" and "It's Called a Breakup Because It's Broken". He is a writer and stand-up comic who is going for a rock-and-roll-Dr.-Phil vibe with the show. It airs here on 3TV beginning Sept. 12.

There we ran into newlyweds Adrienne Curry and Christopher Knight, and Dr. Drew Pinsky. These interviews will air to coincide with the show's launch. The topic of the day: "Marriage ruined my relationship". It's a little distressing for an engaged-to-be-married reporter, but I'm OK.

The next day it was Hollywood, Calif., and the woman we know and love as Karen Walker on "Will & Grace." "The Megan Mullally Show" debuts on 3TV Sept. 18, and sitting down with her was a treat.

The show is less Oprah and more Letterman, with celebrity guests, musical performances, and a lot of comedy.

She told me I'm more glamorous than Paris Hilton, and she cooed over my dog's photo. Robaire (Isn't he cute!) is a Poochon (Bichon-Frise and Poodle mix), and Megan Mullally (who has poodles) says she wants one, too. I offered him to her as a guest on the show; she said she'd think about him as a potential co-host.

All in a day's work, and it was back to the Valley of the Sun, home sweet home.

That is, until the alarm went off in the dark of night.