Yes, We Want To Include Your City On Our Maps

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One of the most frequent question we get in the weather department is, "Why isn't my town/city on your map?" So I figured I'd try to set the record straight.

First of all, we want data from ALL cities around the Valley and ALL cities/towns around the state because it improves the weather picture we can paint. We want to put your community on our maps. However, we are limited by a couple of factors.

1. Local/live temperature/rainfall data: We use a combination of National Weather Service sites which report hourly and our own Forecast Net sites which report in real time to give you temperatures around the Valley and state. If your city isn't on our temperature map, we can't get the data. We're working hard on getting data from areas we currently miss, like Apache Junction and Maricopa.

2. Storm Tracker includes ALL Arizona cities and towns. That's right! Every city, town and unincorporated village is in the database. When we zoom into different areas, you see those different areas highlighted. And for most of the state, when we zoom close enough, we have street level mapping, so you'll actually see your block if we focus on your neighborhood. It's a super powerful, super-cool tool.

We invite you to continue to report weather to us at and to send us storm pictures. That's yet another way we can make the weather as local as possible. Remember the Saturday last March in snowed like crazy in the north Valley? Literally hundreds of you sent us pictures and email reports on what the weather was doing in your neighborhood. As a result, we had the best coverage of the storm of any TV station by far! And it was all because of you. Keep it up!