Food for thought

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Here's Some Food For Thought. ...

Since I'm single and living in a bachelor pad, I'm always eating out. Yes, it's pathetic but I don't cook. Does using the microwave count?

Either way, I found some awesome places to eat during my dinner break and here are my favorites:

1) Thai Rama
2) Ono Hawaiian BBQ
3) Cyprus Pita Grill
4) Chipotle Mexican Grill
5) Zoe's Kitchen

I need your help people! If you know a place with good grub that's pretty healthy, tell me about it.

I'm trying to eat clean since my cholesterol is sky high. But hey, if you can't have some cheat days -- why work out??? I love ice cream and fried chicken.

Also, if you would like to come over and make me a home cooked meal, I'm all for it!