The Storytellers

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I'm excited to be working on a new franchise called, "The Storytellers". These are in-depth stories that allow us to go beyond the headlines. There is so much going on in our society, in our world -- I believe that we need to have public discourse. I also believe that people care about what's happening, even if it doesn't directly affect their life.

For three months, I followed the story of a woman named Tracy. She and her husband were making ends meet, one paycheck at a time. That is, until her husband died and she could no longer pay the rent. Tracy found herself out on the street, with her 12 year old son, Hans. For weeks they were sleeping behind a dumpster outside a Target store.

After her story aired, my voice mail box filled up. People called to say thanks for telling this story. They wanted to know more about Tracy and her son. And, it got people talking about the larger, societal issue: How many families in our community, in our country, are homeless? It's staggering. As a society, I think we should care. Because, as the saying goes, we are all just living paycheck to paycheck.

You can click on the link to see Tracy's story, or other in-depth stories we've done in recent weeks.

These are the stories I am looking forward to telling every Wednesday and Friday night. My goal is to get more people talking.