Preposterous Price for a Pooch

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I've heard of making payments to pay off a car, college loan, mortgage, tuition, furniture... but when did purchasing a *pooch* require a payment plan?

My husband and I were recently window shopping in one of Scottsdale's lovely shopping areas, and we happened upon a cute window display with playful puppies.

We walked in to browse.

As we admired the cute faces, sprawled out bodies, and longing stares.... our attention quickly turned to the stickers placed on the upper left side of each cage - 1799, 5400, 2399.

I thought to myself..... surely they forgot to add a decimal to the equation and another digit at the end... but upon further scrutiny found that above the dollar amount, there was a monthly payment allotment.

(Now I realize the cost of rent in a beautiful shopping area such as it was is certainly going to add to the cost of these pooches, but come now, five thousand dollars for a dog???)

I felt compelled to ask one of the workers, "how much for that doggy in the window...."

She in turn, replied.... "twenty three hundred dollars... We do payments through -such and such bank."

I'll admit I'm no expert on what people pay for certain types of breeds, but what a weird thing to exclaim after several years of having a pet, "We just finished paying off Rocky, let's celebrate."

It seems so odd to me, but apparently there are quite a few of you who choose this method to find a new family member. Two of the cages had stickers which read, "I'm going to my new home soon.. etc.... etc." I am glad those dogs will have new homes, and I'm sure the others won't be cage-bound for long; but personally I think we'll just head down to the local pound, pay for spay/neuter and a microchip... and save an animal from being euthanized.