Two Left Feet

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As a kid I loved to dance. I laugh when I see my nearly 4 year old neice, because she is always "performing" and moving, moving, moving. That's how I was. With that said, I haven't performed any type of dance or routine in front of an audience in exactly 15 years. That will change this Saturday night, for better or worse.

Due to the unique nature of our jobs, we are often invited to participate in charity events around town, and I love to say yes whenever time permits.

This time I signed up for more than maybe I was ready for: "Dancing With the Stars" charity fundraiser for The New Foundation (a non-profit that provides tremendous and varied services for at-risk youth). I was paired with Martin Skupinski, dancer extraordinaire, of the Arrowhead Ballroom.

My fate in his hands, my feet stepping on his toes, my elbow occasionally hitting his nose, rehearsing began. He chose the samba as our dance. Those who are familiar with ballroom dancing tell me - "Oh, the samba is not easy." Ugggh, now you tell me.

But, the samba is fun and nerves aside, this has been an unforgettable experience. Dancing is liberating, great exercise, and downright addictive. If it weren't for the flashy outfit and audience that await me Saturday night at the Ritz Carlton, it would all be a dream.

Speaking of dreams, after practicing I had one, and my dance performance was much like the hilarious scene in "Napoleon Dynamite." Let's hope this audience will be as receptive as that one (Pedro did win the election, after all). We'll be showing some behind the scenes of the rehearsals Thursday morning on "GMAZ." Tune in and you'll have a chance to win a pair of tickets to Saturday's event ($150 a piece).

If you're interested in attending the event, or finding our more about the organization- go to

For those of you who watch "Dancing With the Stars" on ABC, please cross your fingers for me, in hopes I'll channel Mario Lopez, and not Jerry Springer.