Life of a Harried Mom

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This is a hurried last-minute post because, like so many of you, I am a harried mom, fresh off a weekend of 12 year old birthday sleepovers and a college freshman homecoming, along with the usual duties of laundry and grocery shopping. In short, I forgot about this blog responsibility until I walked in today.

But, as to the weekend whirlwind, at least I think it was a success. I spent most of the day Saturday preparing for the onslaught of 11 sixth-grade girls for my daughter's 12th birthday party sleepover. You know, the balloons, the cake, the snacks, some last-minute decorations. And of course, in the interest of efficiency, I got the groceries for the week ahead at the same time. And the dry cleaning. Couldn't have fit one more thing in the car.

Ran home. Stuck a load in the washer. Put the snacks and candy and flowers out... last minute decorations up. Started answering the phone from Moms who wanted to know how to get to our house. Ordered 3 large pizzas. Made salad, washed shrimp for husband's dinner...everybody else gets pizza. Switch wash to dryer.

The fun begins! Every time the doorbell rings, Shilo, the dog rings and girls shriek in glee, run for the door and take the newcomer downstairs (thank God we have a basement.) The theme for Bailey's party is "Pink" and there is plenty of it: 25 pink balloons, pink covering for the pool table, pink flowers, pink streamers, pink pillows, pink stuffed animals, pink leis. Oh, and of course, a pink cake. The pizza is not pink.

Pizza arrives, I'm the server; we have pink cups and plates, of course. Next, the cake, husband with video camera, stepsister with still camera. I lead the charge with the lighted cake. Gotta sing the Birthday song...big grin from the birthday girl. I pray we got good pictures and video. Now, time for presents and some game they play with music and the gifts get passed around as the music is played and stopped...very complex. Make sure a list is made for thank you notes (that'll be a fun chore this week!)

You'd think they'd settle down for a movie at this point (that was the plan anyway-"13 Going on 30") but that would only last for a short while before the music was playing again; ping pong and air hockey tables in action. Lots of dancing. These girls love to dance and sing. So cute. I'm in and out trying to keep the trash to a minimum.

Finally, I gave them the lecture about not sharing hairbrushes or pillows (I'm scared of lice) and told them lights out at midnight. "12:30," says Bailey. "ok, " I caved. Next thing I know, I'm dozing on the couch, it's 12:40, I sneak down, they're talking in the dark. I listen. I hear more than I want. "Hey, you guys, time for sleep, ok?" "Yeah, ok." I give up and go to bed.

And that's why this is such a lame-o blog. And that's why my wash was all wrinkled in the dryer the next morning.