Why is everyone trying to set me up on a date?

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I have noticed lately that many of my closest friends and family members are on a mission to find me a date.

I never really paid attention to just how eager some of them are to find me a prince charming until recently when two of my favorite people in the world called me, on the same day, to ask if they could set me up on a blind date. No, not with the same guy! hahaha

First, my sister, Iza, she wants to set me up with her dentist, "He's perfect for you," she says.

Then there’s my good pal Antwan Lewis. He called me that same night to ask if I would like to meet a friend of a friend of a friend. "He’s in our age group and very successful, " says Antwan.

Not long before that my pal Olivia Fierro tried to set me up with someone from another station and not long before that my friend Antonieta, an extraordinary reporter at Telemundo, also took it upon herself to try to set me up while we were both at a convention in Florida.

I have to admit, I do think it's cute that my loved ones are trying to set me up! They each say funny things like:

Antwan: "Claude, I won't set you up with some fool because if he turns out to be a fool he'll have to deal with me!"

Iza: "I know you'll like my dentist! He looks like Dr. Derek Sheperd from Grey's Anatomy."

Olivia: "I want to see you go out with (can't reveal name) he's so nice and so much fun."

Antonieta: "Call him! Call him! Even though he doesn't live in the same town you still have to call him!"

OK...so you may be wondering if any of my pals succeeded in setting me up? Sorry, can’t reveal that kind of information without dinner and a drink.

All my love,
Con muchisimo amor