A Message Of Hope

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The funny thing about politicians is that they often make their jobs harder than they have to be. I'm not saying that they have it easy because, after all, it would be impossible to please everyone all the time. But what many of our men and women in office fail to understand is that the American people don't like all the side stepping, leaning, leaping -- call it what you will, they don't like all the dancing around the truth. What they like and what they seem to be craving is straight talk. Good, bad or indifferent, most people just want to know what's really going on. And it doesn't seem like that is asking too much?

Enter Barack Obama. The Senator from Illinois is taking the nation by storm. Some are calling him a political rock star.

I was curious to know what all the fuss is about. So, I went to cover his book signing event at The Orpheum Theater in downtown Phoenix. I spent some time with the Senator in the green room before the event. What I observed is that he's just a guy. Well, perhaps more polished and smarter than most guys, but he still manages to come across as just a guy. The key is, this guy brings with him a simple message: A message of hope.

He told me that the goal of his book is to ask the question, "How can we talk to each other in a way that allows us to make progress?" That's a good question. A question that's been floating around unanswered for what seems like a very long time. To me this question transcends the battle of Republican versus Democrat. This question seems to cut straight to the heart of what the American people want. They want straight talk. They want progress.

Senator Obama told us that he hopes to push "the boulder of history up the hill a little bit." Whether he makes it to the White House or not, it seems he has already given that boulder a good 'ol shove. Because, like him or not, support him or not, it's hard to deny that Barack Obama has the nation's attention. And that, my friends, will force other politicians to learn a very important lesson. When you talk straight, people listen.

Our behind the scenes interview with Barack Obama airs tonight. You can also check it out on-line.