My Dumbest Travel Blunder

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I like to think I'm a well-seasoned traveler. We have been on enough airplanes to have the routine down. Even when the TSA changes the rules, even with long lines, we just have a knack for dealing with it. Our worst experience was an 18-hour trip from Ft. Lauderdale to Phoenix, with stops in Cincinnati and Dallas that included the evacuation of a terminal. That we got home that night was just sort of amazing. But that wasn't a blunder. That was just a LONG day.

This past week on our Hawaii trip, I messed up. And it was totally dumb. We were flying from Kona on the Big Island over to Maui. We got packed, we only travel with carry-on, and got to the airport with more than enough time. However, we I got to the front of the security checkpoint and went looking for my driver’s license, it wasn't in my wallet. We got out of line and tried to figure out where it was. Turns out, a few days earlier I rented golf clubs and, as a security, they took my license. Now I was at the airport without it.

We called the golf club and they had it. Then we called a cab to go pick it up and deliver it to me at the airport. But time was a factor. It didn’t look like I would make the flight. So my wife and kids checked-in and went through security. We figured worst case scenario, I would take a later flight.

So the cabbie finds Island Air, which we were flying, before he finds me. And the people from Island Air are trying to track me down. We finally meet, they take me to the front of the security line and then, shoes off, we run to the plane which is already has one engine running. Then, before I get on the plane, they make me put my shoes back on and I’m rushing so fast, I can barely tie my shoes. And they have to re-open the cargo door for my bag. I looked up at the pilot who has this look like, "Come on, dude. Let's go." Finally, I get on the plane, sweating like a dog and EVERYONE knows I’m the guy who has held them up.

The moral of the story? Don’t rent golf clubs on vacation.

What’s your worst travel blunder?