Addiction to MySpace?

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The very first thing kids (many, or should we say most kids) do when they get home from school is log on to MySpace, and then keep it on ALL night. What are they chatting about? What are the dangers that they don't think about? Things that could haunt them for years to come.

We spent some time with a group of teenage girls who let us inside their "other world", the on-line world where they spend hours talking, gossiping and sharing secrets and pictures. We also talked to several experts, a computer expert and teacher as well as a psychologist. One of them told me that the amount of private information kids share on MySpace is"shocking". He also says it is a tough battle to fight.

I worked on this story for several months. One of the things that strikes me is how mature these girls think they are. Granted, they are teenagers but at 13 and 14 they are also still kids (don't bother trying to tell them that they're kids because they'll just bat their mascara coated eyes and purse their lip gloss coated lips followed by a flip of highlighted hair and dismissive phrase like, "Whatever"). But the bottom line is they are kids and they don't always think about the reprecussions of their on-line actions.

They post pictures that are shocking and messages that are extremely private -- or so they think. The truth is, according to our experts, these messages and pictures can come back to haunt them in ways they least expect.

We examine the MySpace addiction tonight on Good Evening Arizona at 5:00.