Bizarre encounter at Sky Harbor Airport

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We've all had those encounters when we run into someone quite bizarre at an airport, right?? Here is mine.

I recently took a flight back to Phoenix from Reno. I had just gotten off my flight and headed straight into the restroom to brush my teeth. (No, *I'm* not the crazy person in this story, but I can admit I'm a little bit obsessive when it comes to brushing my teeth after coffee.)

Anyhow, while I was focusing on the circular motions, I overheard a woman in one of the stalls say, "Come on honey.. go poo-poo." I thought to myself, oh gosh.. that poor woman must not realize that she's speaking so loud.

However, While I continued to brush, the woman continued to speak in a clear, articulate tone saying, "Come on .. Mommy's here... you can go."

At this point I realized she was well aware of her pitch and that everyone in the entire restroom, and for that matter the women in the line leading out the door, couldn't miss what she was saying.

I began to think to myself, oh no... that poor, poor child... how embarrassing.

As I was rinsing my toothbrush, she remarked again... "Good girl, good girl... you're going poo-poo for Mommy."

Of course, there was no response from her son or daughter. I figured her poor offspring must have been utterly embarrassed and completely mortified that everyone in the restroom knew how intently he or she was trying to relieve him or herself and how focused his or her mother was on making sure that it occurred.

Her dialogue had raised an eyebrow of a woman at a sink next to me, and she and I shared knowing glances that this was definitely a sad situation for this unfortunate child.

As I rinsed my toothbrush, the woman in the stall started to squeal, "Good girl.. good girl... you're going for mommy." I thought oh Lord, this child is going to be so scarred by this experience.

I couldn't leave, I was compelled to stay. I had to see who this crazy woman was. I pretended to be looking for something of importance in my purse, but in truth I just wanted to wait to catch a glimpse of this woman.

Sure enough, time ticked by, the toilet flushed and as I turned around there in her hand was not the hand of a child but a carrying case for a dog. She was talking to a dog, telling the little Chihuahua how proud of it she was!!!

I just stood there laughing to myself, realizing I may have been wrong about the child, but I definitely wasn't wrong about the nutty woman!