Holiday Cheer

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(Start singing here)
"Tis the season to be ...RUDE!" That’s right, the Holiday season has started and too many grinches have headed to the malls. Unfortunately you won’t find many smiles and wishes of holiday cheer if you go shopping these days, but more likely a slew of impolite people ready to run you over.

The bad part, it starts before you even step into the mall. The Christmas collision usually welcomes drivers when they enter the parking lot. Honking horns from impatient drivers drown out the sounds of "Frosty the Snowman." If you think I’m sadly mistaken, drive around in search of that "Rock Star" parking space up front and watch how many others will wait for the opportunity to steal it from you. Years ago I saw a fight in a department store parking lot. You’re right, yes it was in California, but regardless it was OVER A PARKING SPACE. Don’t’ expect refuge once inside. Just be ready for round two.

Crowded walkways await you so bags can bang against your body. Don’t expect a "sorry," "excuse me," or even an "oops." You’ll more likely get "move!"

So why do I share this story with you? I guess it’s my way of apologizing to those who are planning a trip to the mall this weekend. So when I honk at you, steal your "rock star" parking space, hit you with my bags, and tell you to move, think of it as me spreading my holiday cheer. Merry Christmas!