Real or Fake Christmas

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I'd like to hear from our lovely viewers on good experiences/bad experiences with fake Christmas trees, and which you prefer....

I need some help from our lovely viewers since I'm new to the area-
Time is running out and my husband and I still need to put up a Christmas tree.. but do we go real or fake?
If we go with a real tree... where should we go to choose one? (I do realize that last minute in the game we'll get fairly slim-pickings). If you've got a favorite place in town please write in with the location. We'd definitely need a place that helps people attach the tree to the top of the car with a tarp, etc.
What are the pro's and con's of a fake tree..... who's had experience with both and please write me and let me know which you prefer and why.
I realize with a fake tree you don't have to deal with the maintenance factor, however what about storage- how large of an area do you need for a seven foot tree? Where do you store yours, and how does it look when you pull the tree back out the following year??
I'd really appreciate any input from our viewers on this matter.. thanks a bunch! Kirsten Joyce