Holiday hoopla

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We are mid-month of December and it is holiday mania. Last Friday we wrapped up the GMAZ mall shows, which were a lot of fun. We had an amazing turnout each and every week- in spite of early hours and cold temps. I think the crowd at Metro Center this past Friday might have been the liveliest yet.

Although I will say I'm glad for the mall show in Arrowhead in particular because it was my first time ever being up and at 'em at a shopping center the day after Thanksgiving.

This is a serious ritual for a lot of folks.

There was one group with t-shirts specially printed for the event, I think they read: "Who says shopping's not a contact sport?!" Very funny.

What I love most about the tradition (one I may entertain myself in the future) is that all these people are embracing a mall at a time when most characterize it as: chaotic, stressful, frustrating, or just too much.

Instead they take those elements and find the fun in it all. Why stay away, when you can make it a party? And then get some good deals, too! So that's on my to-do for '07. But that doesn't mean I won't leave all my holiday to-dos for this year until the eleventh hr (Dec. 23- what time does the mall close?)

Happy Holidays everyone!! Peace be with you (especially in mall parking lots) :)