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It seems life is more complicated now than when our parents were our age. Technology (cell phones, computers, text messaging, video games) and life's other distractions can really take your attention away from finding peace and harmony. If you're like me, you feel like you're always playing "catch up." One way I manage to "re-charge my batteries" and quiet my mind is to go to my favorite place in the world. Sedona, Arizona.

For centuries, artists, mystics, healers, prospectors and people like you and me have flocked to Sedona. Some say the red rock area in the Coconino national forest has spiritual significance. Some say they physically feel better when they enter the place inhabitated by the Sinaguan Indians a thousand years ago. Some like hiking and navigating the awesome red rock and exploring places Boynton Canyon which was home for those early native americans as evidenced by the intriguing cliff dwellings there.
As for me, I go to Sedona for all of those things. It is truly a magical place.
Ever heard of a vortex? Do they really exist? And what is Tlaquepaque? We'll discuss that next time:)