Night at the Movies

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So you got your popcorn, candy, and soft drink. You're ready to watch a movie that you just paid nearly ten bucks to see and I'll be darned, you sit next to "the loud guy." You know the person who's laugh echoes throughout the movie theater. The one who's chuckle is so loud, you miss the follow-up joke because you can't hear. If the truth must be known, I'm "that guy."

But let's get something straight, I don't mean to be inconsiderate of my fellow movie goers, my laugh is just that LOUD. It's one of those come from the gut, infectious laughs. Also, you need to know once I start laughing it's hard to stop. My apologies.

Anyhow, now that I've explained myself, allow me to tell you a story about how the tables were turned on me.

So my 6-year-old God Son, Jojo and I went to the movies last week. He wanted to see Night at the Museum with Ben Stiller. I can't say that was at the top of my movie list, but whatever I'll live.

So we sit down shortly before the previews start. Now keep in mind, I've never been to the movie theater with this kid before, so I don't know what to expect. Jojo has his ten pound bag of Skittles and a Sprite. I have a Kit-Kat and a Sprite too. Let the games begin.

During the previews Jojo whispers to me a few times, "I want to see that." No problem, pretty good movie etiquette, he was quiet. Then the feature film begins. I offer him a piece of my Kit-Kat. As any 6 year-old kid would do, he takes it. Do I get some Skittles? Two. The kid hands me two Skittles out of his 15 pound bag. But I understand, he wants to conserve the candy so it will last through the entire film.

About twenty minutes into the movie, I'm watching him to make sure he's OK. He sitting quietly, eating his candy, when he busts out laughing. Now this wasn't a little ha ha. This was a "Ive never seen anything this funny in my life," kind of laugh.

So I took it in and got a kick out of his behavior. But folks, we were just getting started. Next thing I know, Jojo is laughing so hard he's gasping for air. To top things off, he continues to crack up minutes after the funny part and then when he's done, repeats the funny line out loud to make himself laugh again.

I have to tell you, it was the most hilarious thing I've seen in a long time. I stopped watching the movie and just started watching Jojo. But it wasn't until later that night when I was telling the story did I realize "Oh no," he's just like me!