Will the man who offered help, please follow through

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On Monday, Jan. 8, I had the pleasure of meeting several caring individuals who are trying to raise enough money to help pay for the funeral costs for 3 /12-year-old Chloe Chance.

She's the little girl police say was killed by her brother's girlfriend. The caring neighbors orchestrated a car wash and a garage sale.

The community came together and pitched in to help in these efforts, and raised a little more than $1,400. We aired a short story on our news that evening on their efforts.. and received a phone call.

A man whose name I won't reveal, called our station to say he had recently won a lot of money and that he wanted to pay for the funeral costs for the little girl. He wanted to do it anonymously and not receive any credit. One of our employees took his full name, phone number, and the number of his girlfriend and told him we'd let the family know, and be in touch to complete the donation.

Upon hearing about this wonderful act of generosity, I immediately contacted one of the women I'd spoken with earlier in the day --started crying. She was overjoyed at the fact that they would now be able to afford a proper funeral for little Chloe. Her joy brought me to tears, and I drove home that night thinking, there are many ways, we in the media can help bring out the goodness in people. There are plenty of people who are willing to help others, and sometimes it's our job to help facilitate the process.

But I'm saddened to report that it's been five days since that man made that call, and repeated attempts at trying to contact him have been unsuccessful. I truly hope that perhaps a business trip took him out of town and that he hasn't been able to return our calls, but as soon as he can, he will.

Yet, something deep down inside me feels that for some horrible reason, this man is not going to pull through. I hope that's not the case, but each day that goes by without a phone call makes me wonder, what would compel someone to offer help, and then rescind it?

I'm truly concerned about the family who's anxiously awaiting some closure with their tragic situation, and every day I come in to work to check my messages, I hope to hear from this individual.

Let's hope tomorrow, we can help this family get its wish and start the healing process.