What's on Bev's Ipod?

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Well, I couldn't think of anything terribly pressing to "blog" about this month, so I fell back on something I can always talk (or write) about - music. I've found a fun new band to listen to.

They're called Autolux. Not really new, the band actually formed in 2000 in San Mateo, California. I just downloaded their album "Future Perfect." Awesome! If you're a Gen-Xer like me you may remember the Pixies.

Autolux kind of sounds like them, but they certainly have their own simple, almost grunge sound. The band is made up of Eugene Goreshter (lead vocals,bass), Greg Edwards (guitar, vocals), and Carla Azar (drums,vocals).

I hate to use the word, but their music is very "catchy," ugh, I said it. I do find myself humming the song "Here Comes Everybody" a lot. "....sha la la, let's go, let's go." You can't not like this music. Give it a try, I-tunes baby!