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I mean, really, this team is not getting the accolades or the attention it deserves. If I love watching them play, they gotta be great. They are just plain fun to watch. Especially in person. Pure entertainment. Of course, poor me. I only get to go to a game once in a while. Everyone else in the family hogs the precious tickets. I'm sure this is a scenario repeated thoughout the Valley. The mom gets left behind. And that's ok. Really. I know I've probably been last on the bandwagon. And I'd much rather my kids go. (sniff)

Basketball hasn't been much fun for me to watch here in Phoenix since the Charles Barkley vs. Michael Jordan days--until now. And I can honestly say that I don't recall the game itself (as opposed to the spectacle created by the Chuckster way back then) being as entertaining and exciting then as it is today. The crazy up and down the court style of play that Mike D'Antoni has developed for these guys never gets old even for the casual fan, like me. And unlike the old days, when the Suns were dominated by that one round mound of rebound personality (Sir Charles), the Suns of today seem to be the consummate TEAM. Sure, they have great players (Amare, Shawn Marion and (are you kidding me) Steve Nash), but they don't seem to have egos getting in the way of what their fans want them to do--win games! How many teams have ever thrived like the Suns do when their best players sometimes only score like 4 points in the entire game? Have you noticed how the Suns have won recent games with Nash, Marion, Diaw, etc. scoring fewer than 10, even fewer than 5 points? And these are guys who would score over 30 every night if that was their goal--but it isn't! In the age of the Me generation, it's so nice to have a team to cheer for that thinks more about We.

Plus, what a great bunch of guys! Who is cooler than Boris Diaw on the court? Maybe Raja (at least when he isn't tormenting Kobe!) Bell? And Leandro--has there ever been anyone quite like him? As for Nash Shawn and Amare', all I can say is get your All Star votes in asap! And, is there a more lovable bench guy than Pat (shoot it!!) Burke? (Even if he infuriates D'Antoni a bit.)

We can all look forward to a thrilling march to a first-ever NBA Championship...get out of our way, Dirk!! Now, if I can just get my husband to take me to a game.....