Golf is Fun AGAIN

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High heels, short skirts, and big framed "Hollywood" sunglasses, it sounds like a night out at a Scottsdale club. However it's the middle of the day and the only music playing is in your head (cue "Legs" by ZZ Top) as you watch the women work the "green carpet." That's right the FBR Open is in Scottsdale this weekend and let me tell you, it's a sight to see.

Last year was my introduction to the event properly titled "The Greatest Show on Grass." I heard about the woman and their enthusiasm to be at a PGA event, but I wasn't ready for what I witnessed. How can I describe it? It's like golf meets Project Runway, meets Captain Morgan Talk about some really great people watching. Even funnier is my eager Photographer James Apaletegui and I received a play by play commentary from two lovely ladies who were working, yet made time to discuss the attire of many they called "hoochie mommas." We heard everything from "Oh look at this one right here," to "her mother would be ashamed." So as any young journalist would do, I went to ask the "golf bunnies" a few questions about what

What does it mean when someone yells "Four?" "They are ordering four drinks for my friends and I at the Bird's Nest." How much is the purse for the FBR Open? "There's a golf tournament here?" Why are you here? "To PARTY!!!!"

You get the picture. So if you're not busy this weekend, you might want to head over to the FBR OPen. It's something you have to see for yourself. By the way, the purse for this year's winner is 6 million dollars. And for the lovely ladies working the "green carpet," that can buy a lot of Manolo Blahniks.