A sports fan in the making

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I admit I'm not a huge sports fan. I grew up in the Valley, watching Suns games on tv but that was about it. When I was in college, we got the D-backs.

I went to a few games and loved it, but then moved out of state to start my career. Now that I'm back, I love going to games, especially when the roof is open and the weather is great (which is most of the time). But I never grew up watching a whole lot of games on television. Needless to say, life has been an adjustment after marrying a sportscaster. It's rare anymore to see "Oprah" or "Sex in the City" on our television, instead replaced by a game. The DVR is filled with college/professional games and highlight shows. When did I lose control of my remote control?

But marriage is about compromise, so instead of rolling my eyes when he says "I have to watch this game....it's my job," I've tried to embrace the sports world. I've tried to be interested in the games on tv, but it's much easier to get excited about games in person. We've gone to numerous Suns and D-back games, and just spent a second year in a row watching golf at the FBR Open. But it was about time to expand my sports horizon, so two weeks ago, I agreed to travel across the country with him to attend a Duke basketball game. He'd always wanted to be among the "Cameron Crazies" and with one of his best friends now attending Duke to get his MBA, this was our chance. (See picture....Chris, Mark's friend on the left, Mark on the right, my left).

We were able to get great seats, right behind Coach K. We borrowed Duke shirts, learned the cheers and had an absolute blast. It turned out to be an amazing game against Clemson with a buzzer-beater finish, complete with a controversy about the game clock. And as icing on the cake, a photo from the game was blown up into two pages in Sports Illustrated....and there we are in the crowd!
I have to admit I'm a little bit excited that football season is over, and now I get my Monday nights back. But I also confess that I'm actually pretty excited to watch upcoming spring training games. My husband is happier, learning that I seem to enjoy sports a little bit more by actually attending games. Maybe this year I'll take him to see Oprah in person...and we'll call it even.