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It is only a few weeks away. I can hardly wait!

If you ask people what their favorite month of the year is, I think they would say May for the flowers or pick October for the colored leaves. Who says March?? I do!!

It is the month where I want to savor every meal on my outdoor patio. The sun is warm but not too warm and the air smells like citrus blossoms. It's the month I chose for my wedding because I wanted to share the splendor of March in Arizona with my family and friends.

Before moving to Phoenix, I worked as a news reporter at TV stations in Wausau, Wisconsin and then Des Moines, Iowa. Reporting stories there, I wore my long, down coat the entire month of March! To me, March in the Midwest had too many days with grey and gloomy skies and it made me feel glum. The snow was no longer pretty because it was dirty and slushy.

But a career opportunity soon took me to a different setting. It was winter and I had just finished a string of several "live on the scene" frigid-weather stories in Des Moines, when the newsroom bosses at Channel 3 called to see I could fly to the "land of palm trees". They had a job opening and they thought I could be their perfect match.

I'll never forget what happened a few days later. I left Iowa and stepped off the plane at Sky Harbor Airport. I tucked my thick, down coat into my suitcase, smelled the air, soaked in the sun, and fell in love. This happened years ago, but I still remember the exact date. It was March 4th.