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"Learn While you Drive..."
I've decided to challenge myself with a new hobby... learning to speak German.
I have been wanting to learn for a few years now, but just haven't been able to make it a priority. Now that I've relocated to this beautiful part of the country.. and I've got a nice little commute each morning and evening... I figured there I can put that time to good use!

You see, my husband spent half his life there, and his family retired there. We have the good fortune to be able to visit once a year.. and this year I'm going to really surprise his family upon arrival. (Or so that's my hope!!!)
I realize that I could practice at home with my husband... but I'm the kind of person that needs repetition...and a lesson plan. I went to the book store, and for 20 bucks found Drive Time German... four cd's.... four hour lessons on conversation/basic grammar.. etc... etc.
I'm able to listen to the cd's.. and practice in the car... and then when I'm *not* driving, the set came complete with a little book, to reinforce the written version of what I've been listening to. The coolest thing, is that my daughter and I are learning together!!! We practice in the car when we're running errands. It's such a neat thing to be able to do with a child... they learn so quickly - she's able to remind me of words/phrases that I may have forgotten.
I've got to say.. it's fantastic... anybody who's considering learning another language, and doesn't have the time to invest in a college course.. should consider it. Any parent who's looking to embark on a new challenge with their child.. might want to consider this - age appropriate task.
I'll let you know how I'm progressing from here... I've only just begun the first lesson on the second cd... and if you see me in my car and my lips are moving, I haven't gone insane.. I *am talking to myself, practicing German!!!
If any of you embark or have embarked upon a similar challenge, I'd love to hear about it. Auf Wiedersehen..... Ich fahre nach Hause