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What's the point, really? Seeking revenge seems like so much more of a hassle than what it's worth. Forget the moral implications. I'm just looking at this from a practical stand point.

For about a month now we've been working on a story about the controversial web site www.don't We interviewed the woman who came up with the concept for this site, a former newspaper columnist from Miami. We also talked to several men whose names and pictures were posted, for all the world to see. And, let me tell you, the allegations against them are nasty -- to say the least.

This site is supposed to be a forum for women to vent and warn other women who not to date. To me, it seems more about revenge. That makes me wonder... at what point do you go from being the victim of Mr. Not So Wonderful to being the poster child for pathetic girls everywhere. You know, the whiny, needy girl who can't get over the fact that he's just not in to you? Yeah, I know... that line has gotten a lot of traction over the years (thank you Sex and the City!) But it's true. Sometimes you just have to consider the cold hard facts. He's not in love with you. Move on.

All this having been said, I realize there are plenty of guys out there who are less than moral. Guys who will tell you how much they love you (blah blah) while their girlfriend or wife! is waiting on the other line. We've all met one or two of these charmers along the way (if you've met more, you are definitely hanging out at all the wrong places). Here's the thing, with guys like this come valuable life lessons: You learn to identify the kind of man you don't want to end up with.

Instead of seeking revenge, how about sending a thank you card. Because if he were a little less of a jerk, you might have made the fatal mistake of hanging on a little longer. Or worse, thinking that you can change him!