Addicted to Idol!

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Another season and I am addicted again. I found myself racing home today after work so I could be in front of the television by 7pm to watch the girls sing their hearts out on American Idol. I even told my husband I wouldn't have time to pick-up dinner as originally planned because I'd miss the beginning of the show (turned out to be sandwich night). I know, pathetic. But there's alot of you out there in the same boat who has to get his/her fill of the show even though you may not like to admit it.

I think this season the girls are way better than the guys. And as cruel as Simon's comments can be, I find myself usually agreeing with him! I definitely think there are a few people who stand out: Lakisha Jones and Melinda Doolittle are in a league of their own; our hometown girl Jordin Sparks is also incredible and she has a shining personality that I think will take her far in the competition; I think Stephanie Edwards is also one to watch. As for the guys, I like Chris Richardson, Jared Cotter and Nick Pedro. But I truly believe the next Idol will be one of the ladies.

So for the next few months, my Tuesday and Wednesday nights are booked... as I get my fill of American Idol. One thing I would change about the show though.. the results night! They drag that out so bad, it kills me!