Suburban Swingers

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I'm working on an in-depth story about suburban swingers. Right. I said suburban swingers. We're not talking about a bunch of people in seedy, smoke filled x-rated clubs. We're talking about soccer moms and ivy league dads (or perhaps its ivy league moms and soccer dads).

How this story came about? Well, in recent months I've been hearing a lot about this kind of "alternative" life style. In North Scottsdale, there's a custom home community (that shall remain nameless) where... according to our sources... a group of couples all moved to the same neighborhood so they could be close. I'm told when these couples gather for parties, they throw their house keys in a bowl and randomly pick a key -- thus picking the person with whom they become intimate. I'm curious to find out what's the driving force in all of this. Is it boredom in the bedroom or is it something else? And what does it say about marriage?

See I'm about to walk down the aisle (at the end of this year), so I've got marriage on the brain. I can't help but wonder how many truly happy married couples there are? It all seems so fabulous in the beginning; someone to share your life with, someone to be on your team. But how do you actually stay interested in each other and in love?

In the coming weeks, I'm scheduled to interview several couples who are so-called "suburban swingers". I'll update this blog when I finish these interviews. It should be interesting. Stay tuned!