Our fair state

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Face it, most of us here in our fair state are from some place else...many from spots in the country where there're these tall things, called "trees" with green things, known as "leaves" sticking out of them.

Now about this time of year, those "trees" grow tired of their summer suit and decide they'd look better in yellow, or red, or bright orange. It's called "autumn", or "fall" cuz those beautiful colored "leaves" gently float to the ground after the weather turns to what is known as "cold". This is all a hard concept here in the valley cuz even though we say we have a change of seasons, we all know we really don't. That leaves (not the green things on trees) many transplants longing for a change of colors in the "leaves". (yes, the things on trees.) In late September and early October, we flock north or east to the high country to bath in the yellows or the aspens and the reds of the other changing "trees". But what if you missed that or you need even more "fall"? Well, here's the good news. It's not too late. Because we have so many different elevations in Arizona, the "leaves" change at different times, and right now they are just starting at a wonderful place called The Boyce-Thompson Arboretum State Park, or BTA. BTA is just this side of Superior, about sixty miles due east of Phoenix. It's right on highway 60 so it's really hard to miss. The park offers a wonderland of Arizona plants as well as an exibit showing off Australia, and on November 11th, they're having a music festival to go along with their changing "leaves". Very talented musicians Jim Pipkin and the folks who make up the band Mountain Rain will be entertaining at 1pm and 2pm respectively. It's just a good time and for all you longing for "fall", 'trees" and "leaves", it's perfect. Go, enjoy.