Thank you!! (Women's Expo)

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To all the wonderful people who waited in line... a long line at times... for autographs from 3TV on-air personality... thank you!
I believe I'm speaking on behalf of my co-workers when I say.. we appreciate you! It means a lot to us that you watch... that you care... and that you share that with us.. on the few occasions we have to sit and chat with you *in person!* I was out there on Saturday from 2 oh-clock on... and I met some of the sweetest people.... their kids.. their grand-kids... and it sure was a pleasure!
Thank you for allowing us to come into your homes.. your gyms... your places of business each morning/noon/ night during the week and the weekend! Thank you for sharing with us your likes/dislikes...I look forward to meeting more of you next year! :) Kirsten