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March 31, 2007 - a day I will never forget (and my husband better not, either)!

The wedding was amazing. All that planning, the jitters, the people. Rehearsal day was when my nerves got to me. I felt worried and panicked! But after our luau themed rehearsal dinner party with friends and family, I woke up relaxed and ready for the biggest day of my life.

Getting ready for a wedding is a lot of work- and I'm just talking about the day of. We woke up early and all went Cosmo's Salon to get our hair done. From there, it was time to head to the Royal Palms and get ready for the day. Hairdresser and friend Sandy said I was the calmest bride she'd worked with.

Pictures with our photographer, Harrison Hurwitz, got started late (much to his dismay) because we were all going slow. Ceremony started just after 5pm in the Allegria Garden, a beautiful open air spot with heavy wooden doors that made for a dramatic entrance. My dad walked me down the aisle, and it was a remarkable moment. I felt surrounded by friends and family, and when I got to look at Tony waiting for me, it all felt right. He looked incredibly handsome.

I was joined by 8 bridesmaids, including my sister and Tony's, four friends from college, one from high school, and one from my first TV job in Texas. The girls made the day a blast. The ceremony flew by, I'm told we kissed four times before Pastor Ken Adrian said to. Tim Sealy performed a song by Jack Johnson, "Better When We're Together"-it is kind of a theme song for us. Our moms, Kathie and Ramona, shared in the unity candle ceremony, to demonstrate our families coming together.

The ceremony was about 20 minutes, and during it, Tony and I talked to each other quite a bit. Everyone asked what we said- but I'll never tell! As soon as we were made husband and wife, Tim played "Just the Two of Us", and we walked out of the garden.... and my new husband stepped on my dress- and ripped it!!!!!
A funny moment that I won't forget.:)

The rest of the night was a blur of dancing, chatting, and great food. Together, Tony and I worked hard to plan the wedding, we took each step together, and it was everything we hoped for and more. We laughed all the way through our first dance, and we have been laughing and smiling ever since. He is my best friend, the silliest and smartest person I know- now I just have to get used to calling him my husband!
We sent our guests home with cupcakes... and we went home a family.
It was the best!!