Jeff Gordon Fans Unite.....behind Junior

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Wasn't it cool to see Gordon win at Phoenix a couple of weeks ago? His team really seems to have an advantage with their COT (Car of Tomorrow) program. Heck, after never winning in Phoenix, Gordon may win the fall race at PIR, too.

Then he tops that off by winning at Talledega last weekend. He leads in points and has had a wonderful start to the season. I heard Rick Hendrick, his boss say, he thought Gordon is doing better this year because "he's happy." That's cool. New wife and a kid on the way.

But now all us Gordon fans have to turn our energy, some of it anyway, to cheering on Dale Jr. The sport just hasn't been the same since Junior's program has waned. I love it when Junior and Gordon are dueling at a race, for the points lead or whatever. And even though I'm a Gordon fan, I wouldn't mind if once in awhile, Junior
got the upper-hand on the 24 car. It's great for the sport. It's exciting. Hey, as long as Jimmy Johnson isn't winning, I'm cool with that.

One other Nascar note: I got to see a preview of the new documentary "Dale," which is about Dale Earnhardt Senior. I learned a lot about the career of the Nascar superstar. The whole movie is wrapped around his pursuit of winning the Daytona 500....which took him a long time to win. I'd recommend the movie to any racing fan.