The Secret?

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Wow... I've had a crazy couple of months.

First, I interviewed a group of swingers. Then I moved on to a story about the self help book turned DVD, "The Secret". Have you heard about this? It promises to share the so-called secret to a better life: A more rewarding, fulfilling and joyful life. Yeah, I know... blah blah... we've heard it all before, some might say au nauseum. But what I found interesting about The Secret is that it focuses on the law of attraction. Basically, they say, you have to BE who and what you want to attract. Okay, I'm down with that.

And now I'm on to another story... and it is equally as fascinating as the last two. I've been following a young woman, Mary McDonald, as she takes the radical step of becoming a nun. Not only a nun, a cloistered nun. Meaning she will be shut away from the outside world.

Mary is joining a group called the Desert Nuns. That's their name, I didn't make it up for television purposes. They spend their days studying, praying and answering prayers (via the internet) from all around the world. Their mission here in the desert is to build a Monastery.

Listen to this, at the age of 18, Mary says she knew this was her calling. She was willing to give up everything: dating, marriage, sex, and freedom. I have to say, I admire her conviction. I admire anyone who has this level of conviction, commitment and focus in life.

So you see, I have really run the gamut with my stories over the past couple of months. But it really is a great gig. Covering such a wide variety of stories makes me more open minded. It's kind of funny, actually. I got an e-mail a couple of weeks ago from a viewer who read my blog (about swingers) and said they found me to be "very judgmental". It struck me because I have always tried NOT to be judgmental. Don't get me wrong... I'm not saying that I am Miss Perfect. Not even close. But passing judgement, well... that's never been my thing. In fact, I find that to be one of the worst attributes anyone can possess.

I mean really, who am I to say how anyone else should live their life? So long as no one is being hurt, I really don't care what people decide to do. From the swingers to the nuns, it is all about personal choice. I guess for me, that's "The Secret". To each their own!

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