Phoenix Hepetological Society

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If you've never heard of the Phoenix Herpetological Society... you should inquire.

If you're looking for a different type of tax donation to give to... this one could really benefit. Nestled in a very unique area... you'll find native and non-native... tortoises, snakes, alligators, lizards etc..etc.. many different reptiles. You'll also find a very dedicated couple... and a group of volunteers who love these unique reptiles... and spend each year reaching out to about 50-thousand students to educate them on the amazing wildlife our desert has to offer.
I came upon this wonderful find during a story a few weeks ago.. and had the wonderful pleasure of holding a 50 pound boa!! It was an exciting experience and the reptile's sheen was so beautiful.. such a healthy exotic reptile. I found the experience thrilling!!
The owners.... Dan and Debbie have run the society for about seven years... it's been a 501C3 for about five years. Dan grew up in the desert and was always interested in his surroundings - he's now able to educate others, and care for those reptiles that have found themselves in need. For instance.. it wasn't too long ago that the movie, Snakes on a Plane debuted.. and several kids released poisonous snakes in the Desert Ridge movie theatre. The folks here at the Herpetological Society were the only experts who could remove the poisonous snakes, and care for them.
They are also responsible for saving many turtles... tortoises.. and alligators. The owner tells me .. that at any given time... there are probably about 100 alligators in the valley... in people's backyards.. garages.. bathtubs, you name it. Isn't that horrible?? So they're the one's who go in and help these animals when one is found.
I could really go on, and on... but to be honest.. I need to go back so I can tell more people about what amazing creatures lurk there! You can find out more by going to