I was right about Jordin!

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Okay, have to talk about American Idol again. I remember watching Jordin Spark's audition and said out loud to my husband.. she is going all the way and winning this thing! And since I'm seldom correct, this time, I get to say, "I was right!" I think like most AI fans, I was grinning ear to ear, cheering, clapping and even got choked up (okay, mabye my eyes even got watery) as Jordin sang her final song when she was named the newest American Idol. When she was in town a couple of weeks ago (you remember, the big one day trip home where she was treated like the biggest celebrity we've ever seen in the valley?).... anways, I covered that story and was at her high school when she made the appearance. Despite officials telling us we wouldn't get a chance to interview our hometown girl, I was determined. So photographer Adrian Campa and I found a way to catch up with her as she left the school pep rally. She quickly talked to us and she's just like she is on television. Jordin was full of personality, sweet, excited and humble! Her mom told me the whole experience was all still unreal. I can't even imagine how much their lives are changing now. I'm so excited for Jordin and her family. Congratulations Jordin!