Girls just want to have Fun!

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As we get older and busier with life, it seems to get harder to keep in touch with friends. At least that's been the case for me and three of my great friends and former roommates from college.

Sure there's the occasional email update, the yearly holiday cards, the annual phone call birthday greeting, but it's certainly hard for all of us to see other since we live in different areas.

The last time I had seen two of them was 2 1/2 years ago at my wedding! So we decided it was time for a fun girls weekend.. we made that pact in 2006.

Finally, the planets aligned and after more than a year of trying to plan a weekend that worked with everyone's busy schedules, we got together earlier this month.

We met up in Santa Barbara. It was a weekend of shopping, massages, good dinners and most importantly, great conversations and laughs. Since we were on "vacation," we all looked forward to sleeping in.

But that didn't happen, thanks to Michelle, the snorer. Did she snore so loudly back in college? That was about 15 years ago so we couldn't remember. We just knew we were sleep deprived.

The second night after a big dinner, we just wanted to go back to the hotel, get in our jammies and chat. Go out to a club or bar? We tried that the first night and realized we were way too old to be doing this.

Yes, we had lost the youth of our college days.. the good old days when we scheduled classes around our favorite soap operas, went to bed at 3am and got up at noon, eat anything we wanted without gaining a pound ... ah, those were the days.

But we also realized, hey, we're all grown up now with adult lives. And we're lucky to be able to say everyone's happy, healthy and doing well.

Ali and Denise both have successful marketing jobs, Michelle is a child psychologist at a hospital who helps kids deal with trauma/illness. I'm so proud of them.

It's funny how you can pick up where you left off.. with true friends. I hope this inspires you to reconnect with old friends. We made a pact to do a girls weekend every year.