Provoking you to be creative

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I've never thought of myself as creative. I don't draw that well. The only thing I've ever painted were the walls of my living room. But I've just come to realize that I am creative. Everyone is in their own way. The stay-at-home-mom who makes baby clothes is creative. The mail carrier who writes writes in his journal on his lunch break is creative. This revelation came about when I was discussing a possible story idea with the publishers of a new local magazine called "Provoke." It's a refreshing new mag that you can pick up free at local restaurants and coffee houses in Phoenix and Scottsdale. Matt Fischer and Mike Alonzo, founders and publishers of the magazine, are following their dream of developing a publication about art and the people who create it. They feel the valley has an abundance of creative energy swirling around and not enough outlets to display and celebrate the diverse art that can be found right here in our own backyard. In my conversations with Matt and Mike, we explored the philosophy of people who have a passion for something that drives them to create and be innovative. I'm not just talking about people who sculpt or paint. I'm talking about people like valley resident Bill Slease, an engineer, featured in the premiere edition of "Provoke." Bill blew out his cushy day job to follow his dream, his passion: To create video games. That was ten years ago. Bill is now the lead programmer at Cyan, a very successful game development company.
Creativeness can also take the form of entrepeneurship. As illustrated in the magazine as well. Kimber Lanning is a good example. The 39-year old owns Stinkweeds Records in Phoenix. She opened the store 20 years ago with no experience and no money. But she had a passion for music and art and a vision. Today she is a cultural icon in town and has since opened Modified Arts, an arts collective in downtown Phoenix.
So don't be afraid to chase a dream, create someting, innovate, follow through on an idea. Whether you knit beautiful blankets or write poetry. You are an artist.
If you would like to pick up a copy of "Provoke" magazine, go to for a list of places wou'll find it.