I wish I had a buck.

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I wish I had a buck for every murder I've covered that was committed by some stupid, jealous, control-freak boy-friend or husband. I know I'd be rich!


The latest such story--the brutal Fourth of July murder of a beautiful young woman by the name of Brianna Wood. As the Nation was celebrating its birthday, Ms. Wood was being stabbed to death and having her throat slit allegedly at the hands of her live-in boyfriend--a 24-year-old named Ryan John Chronis. It is a twisted story but suffice it to say that Ryan Chronis is--by most accounts--a dead beat scumbag with a long history of meth use who allegedly murdered Brianna Wood in front of her two young children. Chronis then allegedly loaded the body in the back of Ms. Wood's SUV--leaving Brianna's two young sons ages 2 and 3 all alone in their apartment--as he headed to Mexico to dispose of the evidence. The good news is that some heads-up Mexican cops busted Chronis before he could dump the body. I'll have more on my interaction with Brianna's wonderful and loving family later...but at this point I just wanted to go on the record and encourage every stupid, cowardly asshole who has ever contemplated violence against his wife or his girl-friend--shoot yourself instead--I'm tired of covering the stories and the world would be a better place without you...mw