Blame it on Mike Watkiss

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Yes, it's Mike Watkiss' fault. I blame him and only him. It's because of him that I have not written a blog in a couple of months.

Why? Well, because since he started writing his: "Confessions of an ambulance chaser" blogs, I've become addicted to his stories. Although, I must admit I have always been Watkiss' biggest fan! From his days at the network shows to his debut in the movie Dumb and Dumber. Have you seen it? Yes, that's Mike Watkiss playing the role of himself...a reporter!

I never miss a story he does at Channel 3! He's a pro and an inspiration to us reporters. On top of that he's one cool dude! (Click the picture for a bigger image.)

And by the way, if you haven't read his blogs then STOP reading mine right now and go indulge yourself in real story-telling. After all, he's got a way with words and no one else can do it like Watkiss! You must read his blog about the time he got punched during an interview! Classic! Or how he's been fired from every single TV job he's had! Hilarious!

So if I don't come around here often, it's because of Watkiss. Besides Watkiss is far more fascinating! And by the way, I must investigate if he actually posted his own blog!!! You see, here's a little something about my friend Mike, he isn't very fond of computers or technology in general. That part where he writes about how his best scripts have been written on napkins...I bet my life it's true!

Anyway, adios. Take care! On a separate note...I also need advice. I'm heading to Spain in September, any ideas of a good place to stay? I've never been there and I'm going just for the heck of it! Any ideas, I'd love to hear them.