First trip to Flagstaff

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What a lovely place!!
My husband and I were invited to visit some dear friends who have a place in Flagstaff. We were looking forward to some cooler temperatures... some hikes in nature... and some greenery.. and we certainly found what we were looking for!!!

We arrived to cool 90's... and took a walk in the downtown area to browse the arts & crafts festival. We got a tour of the lovely area... and enjoyed the nice breeze that Flagstaff offers. We browsed the shops.. and peaked into the Hotel Monte Vista. (looking forward to booking a room sometime... to check out the haunting!!) In the future... we'd definitely love to take part in the New Year's Celebration.... crowding into the blocks surrounding the other old hotel... where they hang the beautifully enlarged pine cone.
The next day... dressed comfortably and looked for antelope in the forest. Our friend's home backs up to the forest... and we jumped in the "Rhino"... a very fun sporty/camouflaged recreation vehicle.. which reached 40 miles per hour.
That was a blast... and boy, oh boy... I don't think I've ever gotten so filthy.
We got home from that jaunt... and we all had dirt caked onto our faces.. and bodies. I don't think I've ever had to shower so bad!!!
Looking forward to seeing more of Flagstaff... now that we live so close!!!!