What a group of women!

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I had the coolest night. I hosted a motivational/self-esteem workshop at a place called Fresh Start Women's Resource Center. This is a facility in Phoenix at McDowell and 11th st., that provides countless programs to better women's lives. Last night, I was joined by about 25 women- I was nervous about the event. First, I thought no one would show. Second, I truly doubted I had any insight to offer them- I'm used to speaking to kids, but these are women with stories of their own. But from the second we got started, we are laughing and sharing and their energy and their interest made the experience cathartic and unforgettable. The workshop was scheduled from 6-8pm, and it was after 8 when we were done talking. When I asked for questions at the end, the most amazing thing happened... these women started sharing their own stories, opening up about the crossroads they were facing. Then, they started offering help to each other. They exchanged phone numbers, they stayed after and hugged. This place is great- and whether you're in a tough spot right now, or just looking to expand your interests, abilities, or friendship circle- I highly recommend checking out Fresh Start. And if you have some skill you're willing to share, this is the place. You'll get back even more than you give- promise.