Dreamy Details

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OK, so as usual I am behind on my blogging, and I really wanted to share a bit of my vacation. We went to Cabo San Lucas for 4 days and had an amazing time. My husband and I actually took naps, read our books, and truly relaxed. I was in awe of the beautiful place we stayed, it was a splurge but worth it thanks to the gorgeous scenery, over the top service, and attention to detail. The resort is called the One & Only Palmilla. When you get there, you are greeted with a "welcome popsicle" and are checked in right in your room! (no waiting at a front desk, there really isn't one). Then there's welcome tequila, lime & salt in your room! It was those little things that made us giggle like little kids, treat after treat. But the one silly thing I came home talking about: a customized sewing kit- prepped with threads that match the clothes we brought!!!!! To me, if I worked in the hotel industry I would steal that idea in a blink. We also saw Kate Beckinsale (Pearl Harbor, Click, The Aviator) at the pool!
Pasmore said, "did you talk to her... tell her you've interviewed her or something???"
NO WAY! I'd fear rejection way too much! Anyway, Cabo is just a 2 hr or so flight from Phoenix, and you can be in a paradise before you know it. But one warning: woooo it is humid!