Wow. What a punch in the gut.

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We take the "family" part of Arizona's Family seriously, and now our family has lost two of it's brightest lights. It would be so easy to write a book on each of these guys.

There are just too many Jim Cox stories to tell. He was a nut, the funniest guy I've ever known. Every moment with him wore a smile. We all like to laugh and that's why we all wanted to work with Jimmy. That, and the fact that he was an incredible photographer.

I've been in this market 30 years, and during that time I've shot 90 percent of my own stories, but if Jimmy was available, I'd grab him. His work was just amazing, and that's why everybody wanted to partner up with him each day.

This ball of energy -- he ran everywhere -- never did anything less than 110 percent. He remodeled his home, built a garage, designed his truck to include every gadget in the world. He played guitar, kind of. He was going to take flying lessons so that he could sit behind the controls of NewsChopper 3 some day.

He had more plans, more ideas, more dreams than 50 people, and he would have gotten every single one of 'em done. Gosh, we just love that guy. We already miss him way too much. God bless ya, Jimmy.

Scott was a pilot. A very, very good pilot. A guy who taught our Bruce Haffner, and tons of others, to fly. And fly the right way. I've flown with nine pilots in the phoenix market. None. There was none better. He was atop pilot, and a heck of a guy. What a smile. It must have come with his face 'cuz it went everywhere with him.

He was the first to say "hi" to anyone, treated ya like an old friend. And he did something that few can do. He made you feel so at ease in that machine he flew.

As photographers, we often strap in, open the door, hang out to get the shot we need. He knew how to get you in the right spot to get that right shot. And when you're hanging out the door, way up there, you want to know the guy flyin' is the right guy. Scott was the right guy. We already miss him, way too much, also.

Our hearts go out to our friends at Channel 15. We know they hurt also.

Their photographer, Rick Krolak, was part of our Arizona Family for 10 years, and some of us old timers knew him well. He was a funny guy, a great photographer, a guy who loved his job and his family. Goodbye, Ricky.

We thank you, folks, our Arizona Family out there, for letting us mourn.

We've gone on and on about our loss and you've been so good to us. Our lobby is full of flowers and cards. Our newsroom is full of food. Gosh.

We promise to pull ourselves together, do our jobs, and bring you the best newscast in town.

Thanks for your patience and understanding. We'll all have to work harder 'cuz we're short a couple of hands, a couple of friends, a couple of bright lights.

Wow. What a punch in the gut.