Goodbye Buddy!

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Jim Cox was a friend. He is- was a really unforgettable guy. Talented, passionate, funny, unpredictable. He could have a fierce temper, and a ridiculously funny sense of humor. He was always kind and gentle with me, but he could be tough on people. He demanded excellence. As they say he "didn't suffer fools", or tolerate divas. He made me laugh. He loved women, was a talented carpenter who took great pride in re-doing his own home, he loved golf, gadgets and text messaging, and sailing. He often texted me at night for quickie love advice. If you were in his inner circle, he didn't hesitate to spill the beans on EVERYTHING. I enjoyed those talks. He would tease my husband by calling him my pet names, and say he wanted someone to be "schmoopys" with too. I really wanted to see him marry, I think he would have been a great Dad. They say kids are innately good judges of character. Jim came home with me to LA for a shoot this year, my 4 year old niece fell in love with him. That night she got in trouble at the dinner table for saying a bad word. She was scolded and taken into a corner. When she returned, she looked at a table full of relatives, and instead turned to Jim. "Jiiimmm.... I've been crying", she said. She knew he'd care right from the start. This morning, it is my turn to tell my friend and colleague Jim Cox the same thing.

Please see a picture of Jim at my first blog entry with Megan Mullaly. He had fun on that trip.