Fly, Fly, Fly

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Next time you see a red tail hawk, smile...because last Saturday, 8/4, the good people of Liberty Wildlife in Scottsdale did a wonderful act of love.

Jan Miller and Megan Mosbey are two of the angels who help injured animals heal and return to the wild at Liberty Wildlife. They were getting ready to release two red tail hawks back into their natural home, the sky over Arizona, when they came up with an amazing idea. Would the families of Scott Bowerbank and Jim Cox be interested in dedicating these birds to their sons before they tossed them to the wind? Scott and Jim are missed by so many after that horrible mid-air helicopter crash on July 27th. Scott was piloting Newschopper 3 and Jimmy was taking pictures during a high speed police chase that day when that terrible accident with ABC's Channel 15's helicopter happened. We lost both our friends along with Channel 15's pilot Craig Smith and photographer Rick Krolak.
After such heartbreaking days, Scott's family had to decline, but Jimmy's mom Barbara, dad Alan and girlfriend Suzy Laird were able to join the Liberty ladies, Newschannel 3 photographers James Apalategui and Chris Morice and me at North
Mountain Park.
The two hawks both had recovered from rough roads. The one released in Scott's honor had been fighting disease, while the one for Jimmy had been injured in a forest fire. Both birds returned to the sky with pure grace. Jimmy's mom, dad and girlfriend felt it was a perfect way to honor the two men who loved to fly.
It's been a tough go for all of us since our friends and co-workers were taken from us. But remember, their memories are soaring high above. So everytime you see a red tail, smile, and know that Scott and Jimmy still fly.