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I know I've already blogged about my "Are You My Family?" segments, but I'd like to invite everyone to watch an upcoming special on 3TV. On Thanksgiving evening, we'll be airing an entire half-hour program, devoted to finding Arizona foster kids a home.

I know my biggest blessing in life is my family. I can't imagine not having a family, especially during the holidays. 22 of the kids we've profiled over the past year and a half have found homes, but there are approximately 1500 more who will spend the holidays in a foster home or group home. For some of them, they may never find a home, "aging out" of the system when they turn 18.

These kids are in foster care through no fault of their own. They want more than anything to be loved. One of the boys we're profiling in this special was a boy we profiled a year ago for the "Are You My Family" segments on Good Evening Arizona. A year later, Austin is still just as upbeat and happy-go-lucky as ever...but he's still waiting for a family. For the story, we asked him to draw a picture of his ideal family. He started with a picture of a mother, wearing a sports jersey. I asked him why his mom would be wearing a jersey, and he said it was because she would be there to cheer him on at his games. He plays on sports teams, but has a worker from his group home drop him off for games. He looks up in the stands every week and sees his friends' parents cheering them on. Then he gets picked up to go back to his group home.

Austin's story breaks my heart. I hope...and I know he is hoping....that someone will see his story on tv and want to adopt him. There are other ways you can help these children, even if you're not interested in adoption.
Please tune in on Thanksgiving evening to meet some of the 1500 Arizona children asking "Are You My Family?"

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