Day 1 at the DNC

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Day one of the Democratic convention in Denver and what a day it was: Security is incredibly tight, we had to go through a perimeter check where they look closely at credentials... then a very long line that lead to an interior check where we were wanded and sent through metal detectors (picture 15,000 members of the media going through this process). I had some perfume in my purse which they took...liquids are considered possible explosives. I really didn't think my bottle of Angel would be a threat but that's the situation -- no exceptions.

We learned tonight that three people were arrested here in Denver for allegedly planning to assassinate Barack Obama. I've not been able to independently confirm this information as of right now (11:30 Denver time) but local stations are reporting that one of the suspects was found with two rifles and a telescopic scope. Apparently they are all white supremacists. I will investigate this further tomorrow.

Meantime tonight we ran in to a lot of high profile political figures at the convention including Governor Bill Richardson from New Mexico, thought to be in the running for VP before Obama chose Joe Biden. President Carter was here surrounded by secret service. Also getting a lot of attention was the man who won the Veepstakes, as it is often called -- Senator Biden. He was sitting one row up from the Arizona delegates. Delaware -- his home state -- got better real estate after Biden became Obama's running mate.

I'm off now to finish cutting my last story of the night ... will be back with you from Denver bright and early tomorrow. And tomorrow is the day many people have been waiting for (and speculating about) when Hillary Clinton addresses the convention. The question is: will her delegates cause controversy on the convention floor. Personally, I doubt it will happen. I spoke to a friend and advisor of Senator Clinton's today and he told me that her message will be about Unity, that she will encourage her supporters to transfer their enthusiasm and loyalty over to Obama. Stay tuned.