Day 2 at the DNC

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Wow am I glad that I brought flats on this trip. And I never wear flats.

Day two at the DNC. Our day started early this morning with a story about a very sweet 76 year old woman named Aurora who might just be Hillary Clinton's number one supporter. She was all decked out in "Hillarywear".

She's one of those Clinton delegates, you know the ones everyone in the media (including me) has been talking about. They've become the X factor. The speculation has reached fever pitch about what will happen when Senator Clinton speaks and perhaps more important, how her supporters will react. What happens tomorrow is a roll call vote on the floor. If a whole bunch of Clinton delegates make a fuss and refuse to vote for Senator Obama, it could be rather embarassing. And thats not what the Democratic Party is looking for.

My photographer James and I criss-crossed this city the past few days. You just never know who you are going to run in to. Today our path crossed with President Clinton, who was being ushered out of a speaking engagement by a bunch of secret service guys. And speaking of secret service... they are everwhere. This place is crawling with guys wearing ear pieces who have very serious looks on their faces.

Tonight we were just coming off the convention floor after shooting Governor Napolitano's remarks when suddenly a bunch of secret service swept in and closed the entire area off. There we were -- stuck. So we waited. As did a fast growing group of people who couldn't get through. Turns out they were bringing in Senator Obama's family, who is under heavy protection now more than ever (several arrests were made here in Denver after alleged threats on Obama's life).

I have seen his two young daughters here, the youngest was very close to where we were shooting our story last night. She was standing there so sweet and innocent waving a flag. I wondered how much she understood about what was going on. She is, after all ... only 7. Old enough to grasp that your dad is running for President but perhaps too young to understand the full scope of what that means. Anyway, without making any political endorsements, I did think his daughter was adorable.

We're off now to get ready for our next live broadcast. The second I have some time, I will post pictures!