What is Marriage?

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Marriage - what is it? Does it need to be defined?

When I asked this question for a story about prop 102, I got very heated answers on both sides. That's to be expected. People are passionate in their beliefs and I love that.

Here's the thing though. No one would go on camera to talk openly about the undercurrent of this Proposition: It would preclude same-sex couples from taking their case to the High Court. This is exactly what happened in California and many people, whether they are willing to go on record or not, are afraid that it could happen here, too. Simply put, this proposition would make certain that same-sex marriage never happens here in Arizona.

After my stories aired (a two part series that focused first on prop 102 and the marriage amendment followed by an in-depth story about a gay couple who went out of the country so they could adopt), I received some rather interesting emails. One stood out. A man wrote to me saying that he was a Christian and that quote, "A GAY LIFESTYLE IS NOT ACCEPTABLE NOR SHOULD GAYS BE ALLOWED TO RAISE CHILDREN!!" He put it all in caps so I assume he wanted to shout those words at me.

I wrote back (not in caps) to thank him for taking the time to email. What I should have asked, the question that was really on my mind was this: If a person is a devout Christian, isn't that supposed to make them more tolerant and loving? That's what I was always told having been brought up in the Christian faith.

I think these are conversations that need to be had. Even if we don't come up with definitions, we can perhaps come to some better understanding of where other people are coming from.